Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still at it...

I have negligent this place. Doing a lot of freelance jobs, that should be published, and printed in the next couple of months. I have built a portfolio site for these up-coming works. Right now I have mostly older personal pieces, and some private commissions for image place holders, until I can swap them out with stuff as they are released. This project website can be found at.

Fine tuning will come in time.

Now for art stuff.

Painting, rough and quick. Concepts for upcoming projects. Spring has got me into this green phase.

A quick digital doodle from a group chat and paint website I am beta testing. Getting a hang of the tools, its pretty fun.

Private commission painting for a friend. She takes care of owls, and rehabilitates them back into the wild. I think its pretty cool.

This was done during my, "must play Skyrim" phase. Which is what I spent most of my downtime doing during the big holiday season... I picked this back up, both the painting and Skyrim, and started working more things into this, background details, flushing it out into a fuller image. I may come back and make a post about just this image, since I have progression shots of it along the way.

 The next 2 paintings are tests on some tricky handmade paper. I like how these turned out, but I did not enjoy working with the paper. I might have to get some more though, and try other things with it...

Some Promo art I did for a charity event. Saving the Berkeley Hyena Colony.   You can still donate!

Pet family portrait commission art for a friend. Large watercolor painting. I think the sketch had more character to the cats personally, but it was a fun painting non the less.  

A revamp of some personal art, this was the first piece of art I worked on for the new year. Titled, "Come at me bro!!!" 2012, end of the world? Bring it.

Concept painting/watercolor sketch. Tweaked in photoshop. I like the colors.

 Gift/valentine art for that someone special in my life.
Some guest art I did that was featured in the printed release of the graphic novel Pyrdwen. Which you can read online, or you can buy the book here!

Card logo design art.

A fun piece of art..I love drawing nasty monster, with happy monster-like machinery.

I am also 3D modeling again...more of this to come.

Re-read Animal Farm for the first time since grade school. I didn't really understand anything about this book as a child. But the re-read really hit home with the way the world is today... Testing style of propaganda, I have another poster in mind, more in theme with Animal Farm, along with a 3rd one that fits the current political themes of my state.

A painting of trees.