Friday, February 11, 2011

Bake-kujira. Tattoo concept?

I like the Bake-kujira...
Once long ago an enormous skeletal whale appeared off the coast of Shimane Prefecture, accompanied by a host of strange fish and ominous birds. A fisherman tried throwing his harpoon at it, but it had no effect, and the ghost whale continued out to sea with its eerie multitude.
Text taken from
Ballpoint, and some felttip pens. and manymany hours watching/listing to David Attenborough. Concept for my back piece...needs more fish....

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  1. Hi! Just noticed from your comment that I uploaded this image from this blog and didn't noticed it was actually your work and I left it anonymous, so sorry . I already put the link and credits ;)

    Yours and Mizuke Shigeru drawings of the Bake-kujira are my two favorites ones for this yokai. I specially love all the weird creatures you draw, like those creepy fishs.

    Besides that description of the obakemono project, I also read that wherever it goes, a curse is set upon the town, and chaos and disease will follow.