Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art show. Art stuff.

Been really busy with preparation for an up coming art show. Part of Gallery Night this year, art will be located on willy's street. Hosted by Lazy Jane's Cafe, up on the 2nd floor. I will have some old, and new originals on display, along with prints, buttons, and boxes. Tree painting, done on 9x12 paper, watercolor/acrylic inks. Simpler, relaxing painting, life is starting to show in these wastelands. Finally, spring. Last Tuesday Shpongle was in town, it was a very enjoyable, and inspiring event. After getting home that night, I sketched this out. Working on this almost non-stop. Scratching it out on clay board. Trying to layer UV reactive colors to the white lines, see how it turns out. Its pretty surreal drawing inverted. Last, I have changed directions with this blog. I post less then daily here, and have moved to tumblr for the daily sketch groups, for more motivation and community. I give you Carrion Luggage! The new "daily grind" Ill save this place for more bi-weekly, posts, with finished pieces/projects, updates on summer shows, and locations. Enjoy.

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